Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Lily has been struggling since having to leave Kolbe school. Her new school was overwhelming her. She was becoming completely opposite of her nature. It was sad to see. She was like a deer in the headlights. Her class was large and full of rowdy and rough children. She has never been able to deal with that type of thing well.

Last week I had expressed my concern to the principal and asked that they consider putting an aide in that class. I told them that if they couldn't provide an aide, I would be pulling Lily out of the school.

They brushed me off, said that Lily was doing fine and they didn't feel the class needed an aide.

So, Friday was her last day.

As soon as we told Lily she was going to do homeschool for the rest of this year, she was back to her cheery and lovely self. Our first day of homeschool was yesterday, and she was beaming. She loves her worksheets, and I'm enjoying having her here with me.

An education isn't worth it if a child's spirit is completely squashed. I am most concerned with my child's soul, not some silly common core standards. She is bright and capable, and just needs a loving environment to grow.

This is only temporary, as we are going to try yet another school next year. If that doesn't go well, we will homeschool all the children.

Please pray for us in this new endeavor!



  1. I was homeschooled through high school, got a college degree, and am now a normal adult! Normal adults adopt special needs kids right? Lol.
    I hope your experiment in homeschooling goes well!

  2. Poor Miss Lily - no one should have their spirit crushed in a classroom!

    Good luck to you guys! I'm glad you're trying this, and hope that it goes smoothly for you. Miss you guys!

  3. I've been reading here since you were in the adoption process but haven't commented before. I've thought so many times while reading that you should try homeschooling, and I'm so glad that you are (whether short or long term)! My husband and I are Catholic converts, too, and I used to be a teacher in parochial school before becoming a mother and homeschooler. We love the homeschooling lifestyle! Thank you for all of the insights into special needs adoption that you share here, as that is so helpful to discerners like ourselves, and may God bless you and your sweet family as you try out homeschooling.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I'm glad you like my silly blog :) if you ever have questions about adoption, let me know! And I might end up with a ton of homeschooling questions. :)

    2. Thank you...I just might do that! :) And absolutely ask if you have any homeschooling questions - I'd be glad to help if I can! God bless!

  4. I will pray for you. Homeschooling has many ups and downs. Someone told me when I first started to write down all the reasons why you homeschool, because there will be days where you will need to remind yourself! And he was right! (I have a mental list) My list of reasons "Why we do it" is longer an far more important than the list I come up with on the days I'm at my wits end.

    People will always ask, "How long are you planning on homeschooling?" I always just tell them "one year at a time"

    God bless you, I pray you see so much fruit from this endeavor. It seems like God is leading you to do this. I've always thought homeschooling is a calling. (at least for me!)

    --We are moving to the Phoenix area this summer. Our plan is to lists our home June 1 and then move when it sells! I hope I get the opportunity to meet you someday!


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