Monday, February 16, 2015

My Birthday

I have had infamously bad birthdays in the past, but within the recent years, they've started to get better. I am not the type of person that freaks out about getting older, because for me, it seems, my life gets better and better as I get older.

I am 34 today. I have changed so very much in the last 10 years.

10 years ago I was pregnant with Amelia on my birthday. She was my second pregnancy; the one after a horrible and traumatic miscarriage. I was living in California, unsure of what the future would hold. Kyle and I were so young and in love. We're still in love, but I guess we're not really all that young anymore.

In 10 years I've converted to Catholicism, had Amelia, had Lily, married civilly, had Tessa, had Charlotte, Kyle converted, we got married in the Church, had Samuel, and then traveled 6,000 miles to adopt Maks.

10 years ago I was impulsive and silly and didn't know what I was doing. Now I'm a wife and mother of 6. I love my faith and my Church. I am a work in progress and I'm glad I have found a husband who will deal with my flaws, and who works so very hard for us and takes care of us. I've learned so, so much.

My heart swells with love today. My heart also aches for the children in orphanages. I pray constantly for these sweeties.

So, you thought I would get through a whole post without mentioning orphans? Haha... sorry. My life has been changed since finding out about them. My life has changed sharply since seeing their lonely faces myself. I don't see the world or my life like I used to. I don't understand the lifestyle of America anymore.

Children have changed my life. My children, the children I used to nanny for, the children of Ukraine, the orphans of the world. Children are the greatest thing in this world.

My birthday wish is that this sweet baby's grant reach $1,000.

Will you consider throwing in $5 today? For Truman? For me?



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