Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Adoption Updates and other ramblings


Not much has happened except that we are done with all but 3 papers for our dossier and that we have made some progress on planning local events. April 11th is our big turn in for our clothing drive, and our tentative dates for our parish event are April 24th or 25th. OH, and there is going to be a story about us in the Wanderer Press and the speakers for our event are AMAZING if it all works out. :)


Once our FBI background checks are back, our rental agreement and our USCIS approval is here, we can take everything downtown to be apostilled. Then we can FedEx it all to submit. Generally, submitting takes a week or two, and then we should receive travel dates 4-6 weeks after that. If we are able to submit the last part of March, then it is quite possible we could travel in May. MAY!!! :) 


We just found out that our baby boy just turned 1, and my brain is in planning mode for the trip already. What to bring? What does he need? How big will he be? How to do the trips??? It's fun and exciting while also ridiculously exhausting. I am taking 2 trips this time and my big girls will accompany me. Amelia had a very hard time with me being gone last time, so she will come with me on the 2nd, longer trip. 


Please see our Current Fundraisers tab for all of the info on our fundraiser. We are about halfway to our goal for the American Girl drawing, and we need 6 more entries to give away the bracelet. 


Maks had minor surgery last week and he's healing quite well. He struggled a bit with being sore and with sleeping for a few days, but he's back to his happy self. We are so blessed by this boy and his happy go lucky attitude. 


Just while I was writing this, we had a huge jump in our grant! We are closing in on $900! Thank you all who have helped so far!


Thank you for helping bring our little boy home!


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