Friday, March 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes


Well, this week was a challenge... Monday, I took the big girls to apply for their passports (for the 2nd time!!!) and it was unsuccessful again. I was missing a paper I needed. I also found out that same day that we can't use the location we thought we could for our big dinner event. I've been scrambling all week trying to find a new place that isn't: 1. insanely expensive or 2. booked. PLEASE pray some local events come together. We are trying so hard! The only thing going well thus far is our clothing drive.

We are giving away a rainbow ring sling currently, and have a $200 matching grant. So, if you can spare some money today, we'd really appreciate it and you can use the donation towards a giveaway entry, too.

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I love this pic of Pope Francis and a little sweetie with a little something extra! :)


I am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather the past 2 days here in Phoenix. I know it is probably our last days of good weather for a very long time, so I'm trying to savor it while it lasts. 


Maks had his follow up appointment today to make sure he is healing well from his surgery and he is just fine. He shouldn't need any other surgeries.


Speaking of Maks, we finally got approved for ALTCS and he is FINALLY starting in home PT, OT, and speech. I can't wait to see my buddy progress! He really is a brilliant boy and learns so fast!


I just finished the St. Joseph novena. Today is his feast day. I will admit that I didn't want to do it. I'm not a huge fan of novenas and I usually mess them up, but I actually did great on this one, and I think I really needed it! 


I'll leave you here with this adorable pic of my baby boy :)

Happy weekend!



  1. Sorry you've had several challenges this week! Will continue to pray for you all. Enjoyed all of the sweet photos. :)


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