Monday, March 9, 2015

I Met Abby Johnson!

This Lent has been so amazing for me. At the beginning of Lent, I was able to attend the Catholic Women's Conference, which was amazing. Then we committed to adopt the baby boy. And this weekend I got to see Abby Johnson speak.

Afterwards, I was speaking with her and she was telling us about how she is going to be adopting a baby next week. Adoption makes me so very happy and I talked with her for quite a while.

And then, she said she was naming the baby boy the SAME name that we have chosen for "Truman"!!! I was so excited. It is THE perfect name for an adopted child, imo... and I am so thrilled that my son will share a name with Abby Johnson's son! :)

And no, I'm not telling what the name is right now. :)

And here is an excellent podcast with Jen Fulwiler and Abby Johnson speaking about pro life, pro adoption issues! :) Click here

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