Sunday, March 1, 2015

My God is a God of Miracles

Baby Truman was posted on Reece's Rainbow's website back in September of 2014. I was shocked when no one stepped forward immediately. Kyle was just entering his busiest time at work, so it was not the time to talk about growing our family.

Our leftover USCIS approval from Maks' adoption was about to expire, so we did a homestudy update and sent in the application to extend it, just in case.

Kyle and I had a brief conversation at the beginning of February in which he brought up some concerns about adopting again. I told him I understood the concerns, and that maybe we could talk about it some more a little later.

I prayed and gathered information. I put together a presentation of sorts. Information about what our life would look like if we added a baby to the family. How we could do the trip differently this time instead of staying for 5-6 weeks. How the future would be with 2 sons with Down syndrome. And I asked him to think about it and pray over it.

And then I waited.

In silence.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do silence well. I have a big, loud mouth, and I hate silence.

But I knew I could not and would not pressure my husband into an adoption. That the Holy Spirit had to speak to him. That this was not about ME, this was about God and "Truman" and that I needed to shut up.

5 days later on February 23rd, I asked that he discuss it with me again. And he said yes!

So, here we are. Paper pregnant, fundraising, and so very thankful that God has called us to this sweet little boy that we will be able to call ours in just a few short months.

Beware when you choose your patron saints. Mine is Mother Teresa, and she prays so very well. ;)



  1. You are a wise and gracious wife. And your husband sounds like a true champion. ;)


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