Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests

Happy Monday, friends. We are hoping for a much happier week this week!!

  1. Please continue to be in prayer for "Truman's" well-being and that his heart is being prepared by the Holy Spirit for a family.
  2. Please pray for no snags in our process.
  3. Please pray that Truman's paperwork is in order for his adoption.
  4. That our process in country is smooth and we are kept safe. 
  5. That the Lord provides a car that will fit all of our children.
  6. That we will find a location to host a fundraiser dinner.
  7. That today is a good mail day and the last 2 documents plus our homestudy for our dossier come. 
  8. That the money needed for his adoption continues to trickle (or even start to rush!) in.
Quick updates:

We are going to miss the deadline to get our dossier submitted before Truman's country closes down for 2 weeks. This hurts my momma heart, but it does give us 2 more weeks to raise funds... maybe...

We are hosting a car wash on April 18th, so pray this goes well and I don't turn into a lobster. ;)

Our BIG event at the Warrior Dash is April 11th, and that is when I will turn in most of the clothing we are collecting. If you have anything to donate, let me know!

Also, it seems that some of my family and friends didn't even realize we were adopting again. Even though it's been all over my Facebook feed... haha. My grandma and mom have been great, so that prayer was answered. 

How can I pray for you? If you don't want it public, please let me know, my comments are moderated.



  1. Please pray that dh and my hearts are open and that we hear how (and if) God wants us to expand our family. (Our first foster to adopt class didn't go particularly well). We will continue to pray for your intentions.

  2. I wish we were closer, since we are bringing bags upon bags of children's clothing to a local church's thrift store in a couple of days - you could use them! So glad you have the support of your grandma and mom, that is most important. Sounds like there will be many opportunities this week for people to give their support and for God to show His faithfulness and provision...Praying with you for all of your intentions and for a happy, good-news filled week! Please continue to pray for our discernment, our hearts are there but our finances are not.

  3. PRAYING FOR ALL of your requests! Love you lady!

  4. Pray for my youngest son; he has had the stomach bug for several days and is severely dehydrated; it looks like we will be heading to the hospital tonight :-(


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