Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests

Hi guys!

A quick recap of last week's prayer requests:

  1. Please continue to be in prayer for "Truman's" well-being and that his heart is being prepared by the Holy Spirit for a family. 
  2. Please pray for no snags in our process.
  3. Please pray that Truman's paperwork is in order for his adoption.
  4. That our process in country is smooth and we are kept safe. 
  5. That the Lord provides a car that will fit all of our children. - FOUND! We stumbled across a van, totally on a whim and traded in our Suburban for it yesterday! PHEW! What a load off. The Lord is providing us with everything we need!
  6. That we will find a location to host a fundraiser dinner. - YEP! We are now hosting the event at a friend's house in Paradise Valley. It will be SO much fun!
  7. That today is a good mail day and the last 2 documents plus our homestudy for our dossier come. - All of our documents are here and I am heading out today to get them apostilled and then I will mail them off to be submitted in Truman's country!
  8. That the money needed for his adoption continues to trickle (or even start to rush!) in. - We had two huge donations last week, and many little ones, so things are going VERY well!! 

This week's prayer requests:

  1. That when I am downtown for the apostilles they will all be accepted and I am able to get our dossier in the mail today.
  2. That donations continue to come in, and our local fundraisers do well.
  3. That I can finally get the applications in for Amelia and Lily's passports. I have had two failed attempts at this, and I'm about ready to give up! 
  4. That I can find a little help with my current kids while I get our home ready and finish fundraising for our new little sweetie. 


I am so thankful that The Lord provided me with friends who are helping me fundraise, strangers who are going out of their way to help collect clothes and are donating, and for everyone praying. The Lord is moving on behalf of sweet Truman, and I love watching it all unfold. It is amazing to see. Humbling and beautiful. 

How can I pray for you this week? If you don't want your comment public, let me know. My comments are moderated. 



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  1. Praise God! I am giving thanks that everyone in my family is well!


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