Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests


I've been meaning to post separately, but I will just incorporate everything into this post instead. :)

Thank you for your prayers! We had a bake sale yesterday at church and made over $600! I am so grateful for the ladies and men who helped us by baking, and for St. Paul's parish for letting us hold our (all day) event! It was great, I got to meet so many nice people, and they got to see Truman's sweet face and hear our story. It was a huge win all around.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray the girls' passports come in time. 
  2. Please pray for the childcare to fall into place for our trips.
  3. For our family. ALL of us have strep again, and Amelia had a very scary episode on Friday at school that landed her in the ER, which is how we found out she had it. We then tested everyone else, and sure enough, we all have it, sans any major symptoms. SO SCARY all around.
  4. We do not have a total for our clothing drive yet, so please pray for it to be BIG! :)
  5. Our large fundraiser for Truman is the 25th and we would love you to keep us in prayer for this too.
  6. Please continue to pray that Truman is well taken care of, that the Holy Spirit is preparing his heart to accept the love of a family, and that there are no snags or delays in his adoption. 
  7. Please pray for our safety as we travel across the world. 

Here are some pictures from our fundraisers the last two weekends!!

Thank you for all the prayers! God is moving mountains for Truman, and He is always faithful. I am constantly blown away by how much He provides for us all.

How can we pray for you? If you do not want you comment public, let me know, my comments are moderated.



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