Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests


I usually try to get these up on Monday, but this week has been crazy, so I'm just now getting around to it, on a Thursday afternoon!

A recap of last week's prayer requests:

  1. Please pray the girls' passports come in time. - These are still not here. I'm getting a little nervous. Please keep praying
  2. Please pray for the childcare to fall into place for our trips. - I have had a few offers here, so I am feeling confident we will be covered for at least the first trip. 
  3. For our family. ALL of us have strep again, and Amelia had a very scary episode on Friday at school that landed her in the ER, which is how we found out she had it. We then tested everyone else, and sure enough, we all have it, sans any major symptoms. SO SCARY all around. - We are well, for now! 
  4. We do not have a total for our clothing drive yet, so please pray for it to be BIG! :) - Still haven't heard from him. Please pray that I hear soon. 
  5. Our large fundraiser for Truman is the 25th and we would love you to keep us in prayer for this too. - Our event went really well and was lots of fun! Thank you for praying, and thank you, Lord for the blessings of that night. 
  6. Please continue to pray that Truman is well taken care of, that the Holy Spirit is preparing his heart to accept the love of a family, and that there are no snags or delays in his adoption. - Please keep praying for this intention. 
  7. Please pray for our safety as we travel across the world. - Please keep praying for this intention.
This week's prayer requests:

  1. Please pray that our travel dates are at a good time for us as far as babysitters and all of that go.
  2. Please pray that the remaining $3,000 comes in and that we aren't thrown any curve balls in this department.
  3. Amelia's first communion and confirmation is this weekend! Pray that she feels the power of the Holy Spirit and the blessings of being so close to Jesus in the sacraments. 
That's about it! We are just waiting over here. Driving myself a little crazy. Packing what I can. Over-thinking every detail...

How can I pray for you? If you don't want your comment public, let me know, my comments are moderated.

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Would you please offer one of each of the big 3 (Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Gloria Patri) and invoke the Immaculate Heart of Mary on this first Friday of May, for her honor, and for obtaining two specific answers for two special intentions of mine.
    Thx a mil. Praying all goes smoothly for you to get Truman in home in arms.


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