Friday, May 8, 2015

7 Quick Takes


Well, we got our total from our clothing and shoe drive and it was a huge letdown. It was a big waste of time and hard work, and I will not be recommending shoe and clothing drives to anyone in the future. We made a whopping (sarc.) $337.50. We are still almost $3,000 away from being fully funded, so please keep us in your prayers. 


The good news is that we were chosen to receive a grant from the 5/5/5 for Families. The goal is for people to set up a recurring, $5 a month donation. At the end of the month, the money raised will be divided among the 5 families. It's a great and easy way to help! Either you can make a larger, one time donation, or you can set up for the recurring donations, or both! :)

We still do not have travel dates. Yes, I'm going crazy waiting. No, I cannot chillax. I've tried. Heaven help me.


I will admit it, and I might've even said it before on this blog, but I despise Mother's Day. I'm sorry, but I do. But, we have wonderful plans to go to a Diamondbacks game with my aunt and grandma, so that will be lots of fun. 


I have nothing to say. I should just do 4 quick takes every week. lol...


I know what you're thinking....
"Wouldn't it be awesome if we had the cutest little boy anyone has ever seen as our son?"

WELLLLL, now you can...

Yep, he's available. Yep, he's adorable. Yep, he can be yours!!! YAY! Go get him before he has to spend years wasting away without a momma. 


Or maybe you're thinking, 

"Man! I'd love to have a sweet little pumpkin that looks like the McIntee's son Maks... How blessed are they?!" 


Here you go! Lucky you! :) GO GET HIM!! <3

Happy Mother's Day, friends. 


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