Friday, May 29, 2015

7 Quick Takes


Well, I had quite the week! I got home from Truman's country on Tuesday evening, and was thrown back into the swing of things immediately Wednesday morning. It was a bit of an awful day, but we all survived, thanks be to God... truly.


If anyone is wondering if they should travel internationally with a 19 month old when it is optional, the answer is NO!! Sam is a pretty easy kid, but he was miserable the entire trip, and I will not be taking him on trip #2. 


We don't have our court date yet, so prayers are appreciated that it comes soon, that it goes well, and that I have the right answers. I've been told to prepare for stupid questions like if we're adopting him to harvest his organs, so I need to be able to answer these types of questions with grace.


About to leave on our long trip home. 26 hours of traveling... 


Lily got to see some wonderful culture while we were there. I didn't get to see it because Sam was napping, and there was no way I was going to wake up THAT bear. ;) Our wonderful facilitator took her down to see and they took videos and photos. I love it!


We went to mass at this beautiful church in region. We were so excited that the region Truman is in is so religious and had a Roman Catholic church there for us to attend. :) 


Our baby boy was not feeling well on what should've been our last visit, so they didn't let us play. I think he had croup, so major prayers are appreciated that he is healthy. Poor guy.

And let me tell you, he really IS as beautiful as the picture on RR. He's true perfection. I mean, all babies are, but wow, this guy is a cutie. He's brilliant and lovey, and so sweet. 

I can't wait for all of you to see his cutie self. Here's a little bit. ;) 

Thank you all for helping us get to our boy. We are blessed.


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