Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests

I know I just did this Thursday, but I'm feeling a little anxious, so what's better than blogging and praying?


  1. The big girls' passports came! We are ready to go, just waiting on travel dates! Hoping I will wake up to them tomorrow.
  2. Charlotte had strep again after finishing the antibiotics, so I made them give her the shot. She is now better!
  3. We are so close to being fully funded, that I really shouldn't worry. I am praising Him for providing for Truman so well. I know He will provide the last $3,000 we need.
  4. Amelia's confirmation and first communion was beautiful and so special. 
Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray that we receive our travel dates and that they are convenient for us.
  2. Please pray that our childcare for our trips works out.
  3. That we are safe while traveling and that our process is smooth and quick.
  4. That Truman is being well cared for and that The Holy Spirit is preparing him for the love of a family. 
  5. Please pray for my health. It is nothing serious, but I'd like to feel a little better for my trip across the world. :) 
How can I pray for you?? My comments are moderated, so let me know if you don't want it made public. 



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