Monday, June 22, 2015

One big prayer request!

Tomorrow is court for Truman! I will post as soon as we are done and I can get to wifi! Please pray lots, specifically that I am not nervous and answer the questions in a way that makes the judge happy! :) thank you!

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  1. Dear God, please inspire more and more people
    to say ‘flash prayers’ for everyone they see,
    for at least five minutes every day,
    especially when they see people coming towards
    them in the street, people in any queue -in an
    airport, at a till, or a queue for Holy Communion,
    people of any age, any colour, any creed,
    rich or poor, friends or enemies.

    Thank you, Lord, for giving me these prayers:
    -When looking at a man, “Dear God, help him”
    -When looking at a woman, “Dear God, help her”
    -When looking at a group, “Dear God, help them”

    Lord, such ‘flash prayers’ bring joy and lead us
    to help people in practical ways.
    May we use them more and more
    and may the Holy Spirit inspire us to share
    the beauty of ‘flash prayers’ with many others,
    sending ripples of goodness and peace
    throughout the world.


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