Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests

Hello friends! I am back in a waiting period, waiting for our court date for Truman... so... I'm home and can blog a little bit more! I am finally feeling less tired (Thank you, Italian coffee gifted to me by the team) and more human.

Since I'm a couple weeks behind on prayer requests anyway, I'll just post what's on my heart now instead of recapping.

This week's requests:

  1. That Truman is taken care of as he waits. He had what I think was croup when I left, and it's worrying me.
  2. That my heart is filled with peace as I wait to see him again.
  3. That my family handles the travel and transition well.
  4. That our court date comes soon and goes well. That I have the correct words when drilled during court.
  5. That the rest of our process goes quickly and smoothly.
  6. That my sweet kiddos have a blessed summer.

  1. Truman is an amazing little boy. So engaging and ready to be loved. I am thankful to The Lord for this blessing. He is going to be an amazing addition to our family.
  2. That we were kept safe on our travels and it went so well. We had a wonderful time on our first trip.
  3. That all funds we have needed have been there when we needed them. 
  4. And, that we have such wonderful friends and family who have been with us every step of the way, praying for us, donating, bringing meals, offering childcare, and buying gifts for Truman. It warms my heart to see the Body of Christ moving here on Earth. 
How can I pray for you?? If you don't want your comment public, let me know, my comments are moderated. 



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  1. On this 1st Friday of the month, please offer up a Pater, an Ave, and a Gloria, that I might receive a very direct answer from the Lord this month regarding a certain career opportunity I've been praying about! Thanks! And you are in my prayers today.


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