Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes!

--- 1 ---

Wooh! I feel so off kilter. I usually do my Quick Takes on Thursday night, but it's 10 am on Friday morning and I'm just getting started. Hope no one misses my super awesome Quick Takes because of it!

--- 2 ---

I have started fundraising for a particular orphan and would appreciate it SO much if you donated a $1 or $2. I will reveal the rest of the story as the Lord reveals it to ME! Haha..

--- 3 ---

Does anyone like Waldorf dolls? Of course you do! If you are looking for one, please let me know. I am just about to start one for Heidi's baby boy Peter. I can customize them to look like your sweetie. Boy or girl. I can even scent them and embroider their clothes with their name, if you'd like. I will have pictures as soon as I get "Peter" finished!

Hmm, I just realized that maybe some of you lovely readers may not know what a Waldorf doll is, so here's a link to someone's store I found on Google. But for goodness' sake, don't order from them! Order from me! All proceeds will go to a Reece's Rainbow orphan! :)

Waldorf Dolls

--- 4 ---

Please pray to St. Joseph for us. Things still haven't worked out with DH's job and I am not coping well. I've become an extreme complainer and I hate that. Please pray to Our Lady of Grace to comfort me and give me grace while it all gets situated.

--- 5 ---

Speaking of Our Lady of Grace, I have been bugging my dear friend Susan to paint me one for over a year. She is the one that donated her GORGEOUS painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe for Bidding Malcolm Home. Well, she finally painted her for me! I am picking it up tomorrow!! I love her and her paintings and I'm so thrilled to finally have an Our Lady of Grace! I will post a picture of it next week, but here's Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Artist: Susan Alexander

--- 6 ---

The girls go to VBS next week and I'm so excited! The program is really awesome and I'm hoping they learn a lot and have a blast.

--- 7 ---

For my #7 orphan, I am choosing Jewel and Jessica. They are sisters available for adoption together. Please pray for them and donate if you feel compelled. Aren't they gorgeous? It is very hard to find families for siblings and children with HIV, so please consider helping.

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  1. Many prayers! You can complain to me anytime. :)

  2. Thanks JoAnna. I feel so bad that I complain to you so much. You're a good friend for listening. I'll try to share happy things more often. lol

  3. It's my girls!! I love Jewel and Jessica! Someone please adopt them! We can't yet and I don't want them to wait around until we can.

    Dude, complain to me too. I'll complain with you, LOL!

  4. I know Phronsie, I just get weary of complaining. I need to pray more.

    1. I know. I'm right there with you.

      Are the pictures of Jewel and Jessica that you have up one of each? Or both the same girl just a different picture?

    2. LOL! Nevermind! Last time I looked they only had the one picture up. I hadn't seen the new one they added. I want them so bad!!

    3. The left one is "Jewel" and the right one is "Jessica". Aren't they sweet? They just recently got the pic of Jessica.

    4. I'd seen Jewel but I hadn't seen Jessica yet. I love them!


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