Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colton's Happiest Place Giveaway!

This giveaway is done! We will draw names in the next few days!!! Thank you, all!! 

We have been through quite the emotional roller coaster with this adoption and have had to make the decision to adopt another little guy from Eastern Europe. We lost about 3 months of fundraising, and Colton's country moves very quickly. Colton's birthday is in April, so what better way to celebrate than to raise some money to bring him home?! We plan on taking a family vacation to Disney in January, since every kiddo (especially one who has spent his whole life in an orphanage!) needs to experience it, and after the year we've had, we need some fun!

So, without further ado, check out our prizes!

First Prize!!

(These will be PDFs emailed to the winner of the giveaway.)

Second Prize!

Third Prize!

Fourth Prize!

How to enter:

Make a tax-deductible donation to our Reece's Rainbow FSP:

 Entry Breakdown:

$5 - 1 entry
$10 - 2 entries 
$20 - 4 entries 
$50 -10 entries 
$100 - 20 entries 

After you donate you must comment on this post and let me know how much you've donated in order to receive your entry. Please leave your name and email address. My comments are moderated and I will not post them.

You can also earn 1 free entry daily by sharing on any social media outlet. Sharing is just as crucial as the donations, so please spread the word! You must comment after you share for your entry. 

The amazing donor of these prizes would like for this giveaway to raise at least $5,000, so that is our goal. This giveaway will run until we meet or exceed that goal. 

This giveaway is not endorsed, sponsored, or connected in any way with Disney and/or Pixar.


The giveaway tracker will be on our sidebar, so you can watch the progress!

Thank you all for being a part of Colton's journey home! Good luck!


  1. I just shared on facebook, LOVE this fundraiser and praying for a huge success!!

  2. Shared on FB!

    Carla - Henry's mom

  3. Shared on fb :)

  4. Hi Kara,
    I shared your fundraiser on my Hannah Mia fan page.
    Good luck bringing in those funds quickly!

  5. I hope this isn't showing up twice...blogger may have eaten my comment. BUT I shared on FB and I love this giveaway!! Go go go!!!!

  6. I replied earlier but I don't know if it worked. I shared on FB.

  7. Hi Kara,

    Are the 1 day PH tix upgradeable? I'm planning on donating tonight no matter what, but was just interested. Also, I shared this on FB!


    1. I'm not sure but I asked her, will let you know as soon as I do!

    2. Melissa, no they're not upgradable. Sorry!

  8. Hi Kara,

    Do you know if the tickets are upgradeable - not that it matters, but just wondering. I shared this on my FB.

  9. Shared & I will be back to donate soon

  10. Shared on fb and donated 10.00

  11. Shared on facebook. What an amazing giveaway!

  12. Also, sharing on Facebook and Twitter!

  13. shared on my personal FB page!!!!


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