Sunday, October 2, 2011

He joined RCIA!!!

Earlier this week Kyle and I had been talking about how Bishop Olmsted decided to change communion in our diocese in order to be more in line with the universal Church guidelines. I explained it the best I could, but I also mentioned that it was a difficult thing to explain to someone who didn't know what was going on in mass to begin with. And that he would likely enjoy mass a lot more if he learned some more about it.

Last weekend I had clipped the upcoming RCIA class info out of our parish bulletin. Thursday night I taped it on the coffee machine for hubby to see. He didn't say anything about it.

I took the girls out of town this weekend to visit my grandparents and didn't really expect that he'd go.

My grandpa tried to call him this morning while I had taken the girls to mass at the parish up in their town, and he got no answer. He said that people were there to look at the house, but no one was there. I was shocked. Did he really go?!

Around 11 he called me and told me he DID go, that the Deacon was nice, talked about the calendar of classes, AND that he LIKED IT! He liked it???? Holy smokes. I'm freaking out over here. I was losing hope that he'd ever want to be confirmed. I'm seriously on cloud 9.

Thank you Holy Spirit, for changing my husband's heart, something I've been praying for for so long. Thank you St. Monica. for listening to my pleas.

But really, SQUEEEE!!



  1. Kara, this is beyond amazing!!!! I rejoice with you and thank God for this great gift!!!

  2. Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. My husband just went to his first RCIA class, too! He's not quite as much of a hard sell as your husband seems to be, but he's also very cerebral and skeptical, and so I hope that the RCIA team is really on their toes or else I think there's a chance he might leave it. I'll pray for us all!

  3. Awesome!! I'm happy for you too! Hope he sticks with it. I told Kyle I was a little jealous he was going through RCIA at this parish because it will be so much better than mine was at another parish. I had to learn most of it myself, because they didn't teach us anything. Hope both our hubby's get a great education. Praying hard!!

    Thanks Annette!

  4. Congrats!! That is the most fantastic news! I'll be praying for him. Also, What a small world! Bishop Olmsted used to be my Bishop, in fact he confirmed me! He's great.

  5. Thank you!! Bishop Olmsted is amazing. I adore him!


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