Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3: 30 Week Appt

Not much to report except I gained 5 lbs in one month. That doesn't really surprise me, since I wasn't feeling well, and it was super duper hot last month.

But, now I get to go every 2 weeks, I'll have another u/s around 35 weeks, and everything looks great so far (BP, hb, etc).

I look ridiculously tired, because I am ridiculously tired. 

And, since apparently our adoption likes to follow my pregnancy timeline, it looks like we are now in the third trimester for the adoption as well! We were submitted today, and should have travel dates in 5 weeks or so. We will then delay until after baby is born, and go as soon as I'm able. 

I cannot wait to hold both of my boys!!!

And let's sit back and giggle about how "fun" it will be to get a 10 day old baby a passport photo. 


  1. Kara, I had my midwife appt today, I'm almost 27 weeks, and I gained 7 lbs over the past month. Ahhhh! -Laura Lewis

    1. The babies must be eating a lot of ice cream in our bellies. Lol

      I blame summer, it's been so hot, I have not been able to move!


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