Friday, December 19, 2014


I know the subject matter of this blog has shifted since our adoption. I try to put together cohesive blogposts about other things, but when I start typing, I just can't get anything out other than bringing it back to orphans. I can't help it. I have been so focused on the pro life movement for years, and this continues it for me. I saw the faces of children who will probably never be adopted. It hurts. It haunts me.

When I first saw Nico, he was a baby.

He was listed on Reece's Rainbow for a year by the time I had seen him. A YEAR. Many babies were listed after him and adopted. When we committed, our agency told us they had lost hope that he was ever going to be adopted, because no one ever followed through.

He should've been home with us in 2013, but the Russian adoption ban in December of 2012 stopped him from coming home and still stands today. Instead, all we have is pictures.

Another little boy was listed and overlooked for years, too.

Our sweetie, Maks. He was listed on Reece's Rainbow for TWO years. Families committed and then walked away. Families pulled his file but never took him home. God chose him for our family, and finally, at the age of 3.5, he came home.

Other babies were listed, chosen, adopted before he was. Why?

And now... I am hoping to be proven wrong... that the same thing is not happening to this little boy. Who has been listed, and others have been listed after him, but he still waits, while the others have been chosen and adopted.


Is adoption hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I can't adopt them all, you guys. If God calls us to, I'd love to add Truman to our family. But he could be chosen by YOU. NOW.

Don't let him wait. Don't let him suffer anymore. Don't let him be overlooked.

Please pray for him, for whoever his family is. Donate if you can. Share his sweet face.

If you feel called, jump. Jump off that cliff for this angel. God will catch you. Be not afraid.


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