Friday, May 15, 2015

7 Quick Takes


PHEWWW! What a whirlwind of a week. Tuesday morning we received our DAP appointment (the appointment with Truman's country where we see his file and accept his referral), I booked my tickets that afternoon ($$$$ OUCH!), and began the hunt for childcare for my kiddos. Wednesday I was just so excited, packed a bit, didn't do much else.. Thursday, I took Maks to the doctor (he needs ear tubes!), and today we went to a playgroup and then grocery shopping. I will admit that I woke up this morning feeling a lot LESS calm than I have the rest of the week. It's starting to hit me.. and I think that's because I leave in less than THREE DAYS!!!


It is storming and beautiful here today, which is so wonderful in so many ways. Turning off the AC and opening the windows doesn't happen in May very often here in Phoenix, so it's definitely a welcomed thing!!


I am still searching for childcare, so that's been a little stressful, but I know The Lord will provide. And with wonderful friends praying for me, and helping me out, I know it will be ok.


I never really expected to be days away from travel and still in need of funds. I have been a fairly successful raiser of funds, but because our clothing drive was pretty much a massive failure, I am way behind what I expected. I ask for you all to please say a prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague, who has always, ALWAYS come through for me in times of need, especially financially.

We need about $2,000 (I am hoping that is all, but who knows with ticket prices) to say we are fully funded, so if you feel lead to throw ANY amount in, it would bless us so much.


If anyone is looking for Arbonne, Lilla Rose, Jamberry, or 31 Gifts products, please let me know! We're having an online party to try to raise the rest of the costs of our adoption.


I cannot WAIT to get back to Truman's country and enjoy some of the FOOD and DRINKS! They have such delicious goodies (especially chocolate!). I will be bringing some home from my first trip to sell in order to raise more funds, so keep an eye out for that soon! :)


Next time I blog it might be from Eastern Europe!! Pray for us, and I will pray for all of you. Thank you all for being with us on this journey.



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  1. Oh yes, the weather! It has been glorious :-)


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