Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week I want to post a round up some of my favorite pro life links.

1. What Pro-Choice Intellectual Honesty Looks Like
"And if others who share their views are uncomfortable with it, I hope they’ll do some soul searching about why it bothers them."

2. Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions at Seven Arizona Locations

3. Dr. Bernard Nathanson's Confession of an Ex Abortionist
His story about getting Roe v. Wade passed and what lies they told about back alley abortions to push it through, he was one of the founders of NARAL, I believe, but had a change of heart while watching an u/s of an abortion and went on to be a wonderful addition to the pro life movement. He made Silent Scream.

4. Arizona Right to Life
Our local chapter of the National Right to Life. Resources for crisis pregnancies, help in educating, and volunteer information. I've been volunteering with them for a long time and I love what they do.

5. Abby Johnson
Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life speaker. Her story is amazing.  40 Days for Life has changed the hearts of many.

6. Maggie's Place
Help for women in crisis pregnancy situations.

7. Feminists For Life
"Women deserve better than abortion."

What links are your favorite??



  1. This is great - I have been collecting links this week for my Friday quick takes too! :) Happy to be one of your first readers here.

  2. Thank you Annette, welcome to my other blog! :)


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