Monday, September 26, 2011

Current ramblings...

RCIA starts at our parish next week and I'm praying Kyle will join. I truly think that once he gets past being grumpy about going, that he'd really enjoy it. I also think he'd enjoy and understand mass a lot more if he understood what was going on... He has mentioned interest before but I don't know if he was just trying to make me happy or what. I guess we'll see. He was baptized as a baby but never confirmed.

We have the rockiest path to grace ever. And I'm trying to write up my conversion but it's really hard for me to put it into words that make sense, and a lot of it is so personal, I'm not sure I can put it all out there. My life has been rocky since the moment I was conceived, seriously... so it's hard. I think I need to read some other conversion stories to help give me confidence in posting mine.

Tomorrow, St. Thomas the Apostle is having a 40 Days for Life kickoff event. I'm planning on being there. I'm still too chicken to pray in smaller groups in front of clinics, so this event is perfect or me, and it might help me get used to the idea...


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