Saturday, September 24, 2011

Divine Mercy Mass

Well, I finally made it back to Divine Mercy Mass after all these years. Fr. Oliver is still there, which is wonderful. I just adore him. Things were a little different, as they didn't sing the Divine Mercy (Boo!), and the Church didn't have the air on or something, so I was scorching the whole time. But it was worth it. Charlotte didn't cry at all (I swear the only time she doesn't cry is church...) and it was beautiful. Hoping to make it more often from now on :) Oh, and the creepy guy that used to hit on me was not there, so that was nice...

I came home to someone's status on FB about the death penalty and I asked her how she could possibly be pro choice yet anti-death penalty and it turned into a 189 comment debate. I was the only pro-lifer against a handful of pro-choicers, one of which works for Planned Parenthood. It was insane. I was thankful for the help of JoAnna and Leila on that one, because I was at a loss after a while and was ready to give up. I pushed through with some more info that they wouldn't read anyway, but I was reminded that it was for the lurkers, and that helped me through because I know that that's true. It finally fizzled out in the afternoon the next day after all the libs on my friend's page came out of the woodwork to pat the pro-choicers on the back. Please pray for these people. It's disgusting the things they believe. It had been a long, long time since I had debated so extensively, it's exhausting. But just like Abby Johnson, they truly believe they're helping people. Sigh!


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