Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I had a bunch to blog about this week but I forgot to start and eventually forgot what about. I'm currently way too obsessed with Reece's Rainbow and adoption stories like Katie's, that I get nothing done. Leila reminded me that we needed moderation, and I'll be working on that one.

It's really just a dream come true for me. I've always felt like I was called to adopt and/or help orphans in some way. When I was in my early 20's, I wanted nothing more than to be a missionary and help in orphanages, but it never panned out. So, with Reece's Rainbow, and the wonderful ppl on the internet, I've actually been able to have a taste of that. To help out, even in small way, makes my heart happy and content.

--- 2 ---

This whole adoption thing has been brought up now in so many marriages of ppl I know, including my own. Last night Kyle said he'd be fine with adoption, but he didn't think we could handle down syndrome. I told him he may be right, but that we'd figure out who our child was when the time comes. (SQUEEE!) Please keep everyone in your prayers who is discerning.

--- 3 ---

Okay, squee number 3 is for Kyle and I's convalidation!!! It's THIS weekend! It's Sunday! We're here... We're here! I have my outfit planned, and we are almost ready. I can't WAIT to go to confession on Saturday, mass on Sunday, and then the convalidation right after that. I can't believe it's finally here.

--- 4 ---

Monday I am starting what I like to call "Potty Training Boot Camp." Now, normally, I wouldn't force a kid to be potty trained, but Tessa has been regularly taking off her diaper and painting with the contents. I can't deal with it anymore. In fact, she just did it while I was typing this up, and got it all over her baby sister. It's disgusting. I just can't handle it anymore.

--- 5 ---

Lent is going well. I love it. My consecration is beautiful. I'm having a little bit of an issue keeping my protein levels up on Fridays, but I'll be making some boiled eggs to help combat that for next week.

--- 6 ---

Please keep us in your prayers as we have our convalidation, and then in trying to figure out Kyle's job situation so that we can move asap if these houses sell. Something needs to change, and fast, but I have seen the work of the Lord in my family already, and I have no doubt that once we are in a valid marriage, and Kyle is baptized in a couple of weeks, that the Holy Spirit will help us even more. I am slowly learning how to handle stress with grace and give it to Him. I am so thankful to everyone who keeps me grounded.

--- 7 ---

Off to make Zucchini Quiche for dinner! Happy happy happy weekend!!!

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  1. Lots of prayers for you guys this weekend! So exciting!

  2. Congrats! I'll be thinking of you this weekend :)

  3. praying for you- this is wonderful!

  4. You might already know this but quinoa is a complete protein. That might help a bit with your protein levels.


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