Thursday, March 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

This week has been amazing. Monday we had "Malcolm Monday" and saw his grant grow from $7,159 to $14,310!!! Our goal of $15k before Easter doesn't seem that lofty, now does it?! We also got to see him move to the "My Family Found Me" page, and I am thrilled to know the family who is committed to adopting the sweet boy. I cannot wait to hug him, he will be living here in Arizona!! Please consider donating more to Malcolm's fund or directly to the Smiths on their blog!

--- 2 ---

The other day I remembered that Patricia Heaton liked Reece's Rainbow, so I tweeted asking her to retweet for Malcolm! And she DID...TWICE! I could've died. You could SEE the increase in donations right after that, too. It was amazing watching his fund grow.

Thank you, Patricia, for being such an amazing advocate!

--- 3 ---

I bought Kyle his baptism present the other day. I am SO excited about Easter. I can't believe it's Holy week next week!

--- 4 ---

4 is for Lily, who is turning 4 this weekend, on April Fool's Day. She is such an amazing little girl, and I am so proud of her! I will be writing up a birthday post for her on my family blog, soon. I can't wait for this weekend, when we get to celebrate!

--- 5 ---

I had parent/teacher conference today with Amelia's teacher. She is doing so wonderfully in school this year. I am proud of her progress, and I am so grateful to her teachers for working so hard with her last year and this year!! I did have to tell her we weren't returning next year, though, and I think it made her sad. :(

--- 6 ---

I got to visit my friend's new baby tonight! Nothing like newborns. *love*

--- 7 ---

My computer is super hot and I swear it's like 80ยบ in here. I'm going to bed to lie under my fan. Phew!

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  1. Thanks SO MUCH for all your support of Malcolm!

    Looking forward to following your are my kind of momma!!!


  2. It's beautiful what a bunch of people can accomplish when everyone works together.

  3. It was my pleasure, Carla. I love that little boy and the Smiths are amazing!! Thank you for stopping by my silly little blog!

    Ann-Marie, it is, isn't it?! We helped save a life!

  4. Reece's Rainbow makes me so happy. My girly-girl has Down syndrome, and it changed my world.

    And as for newborns...oh yeah. I'm with you there! My little guy is 4 months old now, and I really can't call him newborn anymore! Sniff-sniff.

  5. This is not a silly little blog! It's an awesome one!! Keep it coming!


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