Friday, March 16, 2012

Demons or an active imagination?

Amelia told me this story this morning:

"Mommy, the other night I was coming into your room in the middle of the night and I looked into the playroom and one hundred dogs were in there fighting!!"

I said:

"Well, maybe you were dreaming. "

She said:

"No! They were really there! They were fighting and barking and were big and black!"

I said:

"Well, if that's true, and you ever see them again, you need to say a prayer for them to go away. They are not supposed to be there."

She said:

"And then the shadows will come and take them home?"

I said:

"Yes, I guess so."

And then I recited the St. Michael prayer with her...

Now, I know that children have active imaginations, and that she could have been half asleep when she "saw" these creatures, but with the history of this house, and with the ever increasing faithfulness in our family with an upcoming baptism, it caused me pause.

When I think of demons, I think of those dogs. I'm not sure why, but I do. And although the various sightings of ghosts in this house throughout the years have never been destructive, it makes me think that there is a bigger possibility that there may have been something there.

So, anyone want to call in a priest?



  1. Yup! Want me to call the Priest?

    Get some holy water and make her drink it! LMAO I'm totally kidding!! KIDDING! That is some crap that a non catholic would expect me to say!

    But I would definitely sprinkle some holy water around or get a priest to bless the house...Or both! :)

    Over active imagination or not. I wouldn't play around.

    I remember being young and always feeling as if something was chasing me down the hallway if my mother asked me to go upstairs and get something. I wasn't imagining it, it used to scare the shit out of me!

  2. 1. I'm non-Catholic, I might just be more educated than most 'cos I didn't expect you to say that, LOL!

    2. It could be. I would totally have someone come pray over and bless the house. I've had experiences with stuff like that, not fun.

  3. Shiloh (who was 10 when we moved in and is now 12) has always been convinced that there were spirits or ghosts in our house. I've been saying the St. Michael Prayer with her before bed and when she wakes up at night and keeping blessed salt in her room.

    Several priests told me (including Fr. Terra at Mater Misericordiae - not what one would call a liberal source)that in a house as old as ours there are bound to be "things". I finally had the house blessed just a few months ago and Shiloh - who has refused to use the bathroom off her bedroom for almost 3 years,all the sudden moved all of her bathroom stuff in there about 2 weeks ago and announced that she wasn't using our bathroom anymore. Her's was safe now.

    With all that is goingon in your lives - especially with Kyle's upcoming conversion I would think about a house blessing.

  4. Hmmm, yeah. I am being attacked from every angle. None of this shocks me anymore.

    I'm so glad your home is "safe" for her now. That's wonderful. We are saying a lot of prayers around here lately. The dark one will not take my family down.

  5. I just found your blog and would like to share with you that Holy Water is a sacramental that is very powerful. I recommend that you do get your Home blessed by a priest and that you have a bottle of holy water to bless your home frequently. Also you and your husband can bless your children every night. There are prayers for a House Blessing online.


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