Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Hi, I'm Kara and I may or may not be really trying to be a better housewife (IE: clean more) out of pure hope that it will convince my husband that we need to adopt this baby:


--- 2 ---

I also may be obsessed with looking up the orphans from Reece's Rainbow on the R*ssian listing site... and their regions, and the pronunciation of their names... and for more pictures through R*ssian sites.... and, and, and...

--- 3 ---

My kids also now fully understand that not all orphans are orphans because their parents have died, that some people don't care properly for orphans and let them starve, and don't let them out of their cribs to play...

--- 4 ---

It might also be of benefit that I was sick this whole week, so I had reason to spend more time browsing the web... looking at orphans... while my other kids trashed the house and watched too much TV.

--- 5 ---

On a non-orphan note, we rented The Muppet Movie tonight to watch as a family. It was hilarious. My favorite part was when they were the barbershop quartet singing Nirvana. Hahahaahahaha!!!! It was so fun to snuggle with all the girls and eat popcorn and Tessa even passed out right at the end. It was a fun family night.

--- 6 ---

I'm not even going to get into that democrat jerk woman who said that mom's don't work...

Or the fact that Obama said they didn't have the luxury of letting Michelle stay home with the kids because they would only be making $160k on just his salary at the time...


--- 7 ---

Annnnnd, happy Friday! Here's our current favorite song:

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  1. #5 Barbershop quartet singing Nirvana? It is now imperative that I watch the Muppets.
    #7 I really like at the beginning "He has overcome the power of the grave/and the sin that once enslaved" He is risen and truly our God is alive!

  2. Yes! Do see it! It's very cheeseball, but it's so funny. I love the muppets.

    Isn't it a wonderful song? I love it. My kids and I rock out to it multiple times daily. haha!


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