Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I went to IKEA today with Heidi and she helped me pick out some things for my sister's wedding gifts. Our kiddos got to play in the play area. Free childcare for an hour was awesome. Lily had so much fun.

--- 2 ---

Still looking for donations of items for the auction benefiting Malcolm. AHEM! It is coming along and I have some great items so far, but I am still in need of some other stuff to make this a success.

--- 3 ---

Trying really hard not to make this all about orphans. *looks around* *taps fingers* *twiddles thumbs*

--- 4 ---

Please pray for me. I am going to my sister's shower today (Friday) and I have to be around my mother. I haven't seen her since before Christmas and I'm not looking forward to it. Hopefully my sister can have a nice shower, though, minus any drama. If things get tense I'm just going to leave, because my sister doesn't deserve that bull.

--- 5 ---
I want this house. I hope we qualify soon. But I've been saying that for over 2 years. So.... sigh.

--- 6 ---

Does anyone else's husband do ridiculous projects around the house all the time? Mine does. I have put my foot down for ones inside the house and I hope he gets that now, but he wastes all of his free time now doing other stupid projects that don't need to be done and it drives me batty. I wish he'd work on things that NEED to be fixed, or NEED to be cleaned, instead of coming up with something ridiculous. Plus, sometimes I feel like I'm single. I'm so frustrated with it.

--- 7 ---

I really have nothing exciting to write. Happy Friday!

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  1. Love that house. Gorgeous window! And a two car garage? I'd kill for one.

    6-We tend to disagree on what 'needs' to be done so every month or so we collaborate and make a list. It's definitely helped me not want to, ya know, strangle him when he's doing something he deems more important. ;)

  2. Love the house! Good luck to you and your family! And yes, my husband comes up with all kinds of projects to do that I would never dream of. I'm glad he's handy, though!

  3. I'm glad that mine is handy too. I just wish he'd use that skill for good things instead of the insane things he does.

    Katie, I think the garage is bigger than the whole bottom floor, lol!! The house is tiny. But I love it.

  4. Prayers for the shower. I hope your mom decides not to be a drama llama.

    Re: #6, I agree with Katie that making a joint list of priority projects is the way to go.

    Collin and I are going to donate something for the auction... we just haven't decided what yet. I'll let you know!

  5. Awesome JoAnna, keep me posted!

    If I give him tasks he says he feels like a slave. Whatever. So frustrated.

  6. Well, it's not so much giving him tasks, it's the two of you sitting down together and deciding, jointly, which projects are higher priority than others based on the needs of your family. (But I know it's hard for some men - my husband included - to get that...)

  7. Yeah.... We've tried. I'm just at a loss.


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