Saturday, July 21, 2012

On Chick Fil A

The current climate in the United States is a little scary. Our religious freedoms are being attacked and gay "marriage" is being pushed everywhere we turn. If we disagree in redefining marriage, we are labeled as haters and bigots.

I could sit here and blog about how I'm not a hater or a homophobe, but what good would it do? I have yet to meet someone on the other side of the debate engage in rational discussion.

I do like this post by Jennifer @ Conversion Diary, though.

And now, because of Chick Fil A's stand on marriage, they're being bullied and attacked and everything else.

They are a private company. They have a right to give their money to whom they choose. You have a right not to eat there. No biggy... that's called America, we have the freedom to give our money where we see fit.

Now the mayor of Boston vows he'll keep CFA out of his city. I'm sure a lot of people there agree with him, it's Boston, after all, but there are plenty of companies that give their money to much more atrocious things, like Sonic, for instance. I'm pretty sure, last I checked, that they give money to Planned Parenthood. I don't see any conservative mayors trying to force or keep Sonic out of their cities. I'm pretty sure that's not the job of a mayor. I'm pretty sure the job of the mayor is to make sure the city prospers, but in this backwards world, maybe I'm wrong...

All I'm here to say, is keep an eye out. Things are changing and not in a good way. It always seems to me that the people so bent on the anti-bully campaigns are the ones that are the true bullies. The ones using disgusting language on a company's page and spreading the hate. I pretty much expect to see violence next, because that's pretty par for the course with them lately.

It's not enough to them that we tolerate. We have to accept and push their agenda or we are labeled as bigots.

Hang in there, Chick Fil A. You have our business, and I'm sure there are many out there planning to support you as well.


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  1. They'd have our business if we had one. But alas, we don't. Hear that Chic-Fil-A? We need you in Montana!


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