Thursday, October 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes - 10-5-12

--- 1 ---

We have been working our tails off over here for Nico. Running errands, making appointments, sending emails, filling out paperwork, and starting fundraisers. I also had orientation for my night job, and of course, my normal busy day to day stuff.

--- 2 ---

Our Halloween auction starts Friday and we have some amazing items. People have been so generous and wonderful. Here are a couple items!

Plus MORE! If you don't have FB and want to bid, go ahead and email me and let me know!

--- 3 ---

We also launched our BIG iPad giveaway with some other great prizes, too! 2nd winner gets a Strider bike, and we have an adorable picture my daughter drew and a gift card.

--- 4 ---

The other day I asked Tessa what she wanted for her birthday. She turns 3 in a month and I thought she wouldn't really grasp the concept. Ohhhh, was I wrong. I immediately got, "I want presents." And then later, "I want DORA presents! Dora and Boots presents! It my birfday now, mommy?" Over and over and over again. It is so cute, and has continued. Coming from my little sweetie who was barely understandable a couple months ago, this is amazing. Her speech therapy has been very successful, but I'm a little sad we only have 3 sessions left.

--- 5 ---

I am taking the girls for haircuts this weekend. So happy to get their hair under control! They all have such drastically different hair, and need completely different styles. Can't wait for them to have freshly cut hair again!

--- 6 ---

The debates were this week. I will fully admit that I fully enjoyed watching them.

But the best part was afterwards when Chris Matthews had a meltdown...

See here:
--- 7 ---

This adorable sweetie has no grant, and I've posted about her before, but I have promised myself to focus on the redheads of Reece's Rainbow, even while we are in the adoption process. 

I LOVE this sweetie. Always have. Even before this darling picture. She doesn't have a grant. Boo! But maybe if you spread the word, her mommy or daddy will see her!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Please keep posting those redheads. I just KNOW one of them belongs in our family!! May I share our side of Nico's story on my blog and link to your blog?
    Cynthia (if you'd rather discuss this privately) :)


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