Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes - a day late

Holy cow, this has been one heck of a week!!!
Last Friday we went and test drive a '99 Suburban and pretty much decided we'd buy it. Then Monday another guy Kyle works with says he's also selling a Suburban, only it's $1500 cheaper, 3 years newer, and has 20k less miles. So, we'll wait a couple weeks until he's ready to sell it and buy that one instead. It is *SO* pretty. God is SO good to us. I had been praying for a resolution to our car issue and finally decided to give it to Him. Lo and behold, 2 Suburbans to choose from? Amazing. Now we just need to sell our van, and we will have actually come out ahead on the deal. It's like a trade up for a profit!! More space?! AHHH!!


Friday after the test drive we drove down to Ikea. We needed a bed badly, ours was 10 years old and so uncomfortable. It took us forever to get there due to traffic, we spent 2.5 hours inside, then it took us forever to get home because it was pouring rain. Then the truck we had borrowed got stuck in the mud. My poor husband...


Saturday I took the girls for haircuts and we tried to cover Lily's self hack job. It didn't really work.


Monday I got up and took Amelia to school then went over to a friend's house. While I was there, my phone kept going off and I reached down to turn it off. I glanced at the messages and I see that we were given the go ahead to commit to "Colton" on RR. Within minutes, he was on MFFM and our FSP. My message inbox started to explode and I could barely answer them because I didn't want to be a rude houseguest. It was total craziness. It was a whirlwind of a bittersweet day, and now I have lots of work to do!!!


Tuesday was pretty low-key, thank goodness!! But Wednesday?! We have a new pope!! This is my first conclave since my conversion, and it was so exciting to watch. My eyes were glued to my phone watching a live stream of EWTN. When the smoke started they were like, "here's the smoke, it looks gray. Looks like it's going to be black...Gray.. It's WHITE!!" I started crying as the white smoke poured out and the tens of thousands of people started cheering. Oh, it was glorious. The guards, the band, and then the 45 or so minute wait, and out he came. I am so in love with our Church. How beautiful it is to see the successor of Peter thousands of years later, speaking humbly in Vatican city to so many faithful believers? *chills*



Thursday I got to meet my good friend Becki!! Man, I just adore her and her beautiful boys. I don't know why we didn't get pictures after spending two days together. They are still here, but I'm not sure I'll see them today and I'm bummed! I really wanted a pic. :( They leave for home tomorrow.


We have a TON of fundraisers going on right now, so I'm going to plug my own orphans for #7 this week. :)

An auction

Plus, we still have our Amazon link, our bracelets, and lots of other things which you can find up on our "current fundraisers" tab.

Please pray for "Colton" and us, as we get all of the paperwork ready to rush over there! Pray for sweet Nico who deserves a family and is suffering due to stupid laws in his country. 

Happy weekend!

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  1. I still cannot believe I got to hang with you and your lovely ladies! Yay for pool time! Hugs!

  2. I still cannot believe I got to hang out with you and your lovely ladies! I am so fortunate! Yay for pool time and sunshine....and Cold Stone! You rock.


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