Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5: 7 Quick Takes Friday

Phew! I don't usually blog all week, so I might not have much to write about for Quick Takes. Life isn't all that exciting right now. Just trying to get through summer alive. ;)

In case you missed the news, we were submitted to "Colton's" country on Wednesday!!! I am so excited/nervous, and so glad we can just wait for a bit before doing anything else. In a few weeks, our crazy activities will begin, and I don't anticipate it slowing down for quite a few months.
We're coming soon, sweet boy!

There are new pics of Nico now. I will be blogging about it tomorrow. I love that I'm able to see him, and that he's smiling, but it makes my heart hurt so much.

Love you forever, my boy.

Wednesday, Cold Stone Creamery HQ had a free ice cream day. I drove the kids over and we had a blast. Even saw some school friends and Amelia's teacher. I was exhausted, but it was fun and oh so yummy.

They had a special "Shark Week" ice cream that all the girls ended up getting. Tessa made the biggest mess with hers EVER. haha

She looks disgusted, but she was really just trying to chew the cold gummy sharks. She also looks bald, thanks to the lighting. lol

If you were going to have 2 boys within a couple of months, what would be the absolute necessities you would be sure to have? I pretty much know what I need and I have a list of things I'd like to have, too. But I always love to see what other mommies think are necessities. 

We are going to have 3 kids in school this coming year (2 in elementary, 1 in preschool), so it's almost time to buy school supplies! We still have over 3 weeks until school starts, but I am hoping the supply list comes soon so we can get started. I don't enjoy the money spent, but I do enjoy the brand new supplies!

I have this blanket, pillow, and sheet to match for Colton's toddler bed, and I'm thinking of forgoing the pricey bedding set for Samuel and getting this for his crib:
I'm not even sure when it will be that they will sleep in their bedroom and not in with us, though. But still, aren't these cute???

Happy weekend!

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