Thursday, June 26, 2014


I never imagined that finding a suitable school for my children would end up being one of the most stressful and difficult things about parenting.

We started out at a large diocesan school and my daughter did terribly. Class size was too big, the community was lacking, and we felt completely out of place. My child had little to no confidence that she could handle any of the work, even at the end of two years.

Then we found out about Kolbe School. A small, strongly Catholic, classical curriculum school. I jumped at the chance and moved her there.

By the time the first parent teacher conferences rolled around, I was in awe. I got tears in my eyes explaining to her teacher how far she had come. It was like having a whole other child. She loved her school, her teacher, her friends, and her schoolwork. She was learning so fast. It was a complete turn around.

Here is what I wrote on the last day of our first year there.

"What an amazing year at an amazing school. Such a difference in my girl in so many ways. Kolbe school helped her blossom into the child she was meant to be!"

This community welcomed us with open arms, supported us through an adoption and a birth, and I finally felt like I had found a comfortable place for our family to thrive. Our second daughter entered Kindergarten and she blossomed there as well. Her teacher nurtured her and taught her and she enjoyed every minute of Kindergarten, like any 5 year old should. It was a beautiful place. Was it perfect? Of course not. But it was perfect for us.

I guess Satan hated that and we were too comfortable. Because now it's gone. And, for the first time, I'm disappointed in our Church. A Catholic priest ruined our school. The diocese didn't care. I'm trying to be charitable in my thoughts and words, but it is hard.

Maybe I'm over-emotional, but I am a wreck. This is a huge loss for our family, and I'm in mourning. I now have to tour other schools and try to put on a happy face when I don't want to be there. I have to decide between schools that I don't want to be at. I have to figure out how to get our scholarship money transferred to whichever school we choose. I have to buy uniforms and pay registration fees. It's all crap. And that's all there is to it.

Please pray for all of us affected. I cannot imagine how people feel who were there for many years, or the wonderful people that started the school. I truly just can't believe this happened.

Sorry to dampen up the blog. But, I'm keeping it real, and I am not happy right now. Pray for all of us as we struggle to find our feet.

And, thank you, Kolbe school, for being the best school I've ever seen. For helping us through hard times. For helping my children bloom in their faith and every other way imaginable. We love you.



  1. You know I feel your pain. I still can't believe it.

  2. Such a loss! I hope you find a school that your children can settle in to!

  3. Oh, that's sad! God will guide you in this, too...

  4. Hi Kara - I found your blog through Little Catholic bubble and I am sad to read about your school's closing. Will keep you all in my prayers. We are from Phoenix and are hoping to move back within a year or two and this was a school I thought might suit our family. We are making the switch to homeschooling as our current Catholic school in Kansas City is lacking in faith formation. May God bless you as you move forward and look for a school.

    1. Hi Christina. I'm sorry you were considering Kolbe school! It really was a wonderful place. Maybe someday it will come back. Thank you for the prayers.


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