Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Phew! So, we've made it through our first full week of school, and we're doing well! We're a little more tired than usual, but I think we're getting used to it. The new school has been okay. It's not Kolbe school, but it'll do for now. Amelia is really loving her teacher, and Lily is enjoying making new friends while she has her best friend by her side.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to be that mom, again... and talk to the priest about why the school supports Girl Scouts.  My girls are heartbroken that they can't join, and I am pretty ticked off that there are still parishes that support them. But, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they just don't know... Pray for me.

Info on why we do not do Girl Scouts:

Maks is doing great. He has added so many new words to his vocabulary, it's adorable. His newest one is, "BEEP BEEP!" :) We are still trying to catch up on all the doctor's appts he needs, but we're getting there. He has his IEP eval the 9th, and he will hopefully start preschool soon after that. We also have an in-home meeting with our support coordinator for therapies next week. I can't wait to see our sweetie bloom and grow!

Tessa starts her final year of preschool next year. She has the same wonderful teacher that Lily had for Pre-K, so I'm really excited! Pray that the schedule doesn't kill me. I will have kids at 3 different schools and I'm not sure how it will all work!

Man, I'm bad at blogging lately. I don't know how to fill up these last 3 takes... I guess I'll fill them with orphans :)

If you want to adopt from a different country that we did, check out this sweet baby!

If you want to adopt from an amazing region, check out these sweeties. I'd get them if I could, but we're at our limit right now. :(

If you have any questions about the process, fundraising, or the region, ask me! I'd be happy to help!

Happy weekend!

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