Friday, November 7, 2014

let me be blunt...

I want to adopt this baby:

But now is not the time for us.

Adoptions have slowed down in his country because people are scared. Last year at this time, a baby would be snatched up within days of being listed. Truman has been listed now for over a month, and nothing. Girls are adopted more often than boys, so he has less and less of a chance as he gets older. He's so young now, that he would still qualify for Early Intervention therapies. Oh, how he would blossom as a cherished son.

Let me tell you, do not be afraid. The Lord's work is often hard and treacherous. That doesn't mean we give up trying. The team available to help you in country will keep you safe.

This boy is in the Western part of his country. Far away from any tyrants. A more modern area than the one we adopted from.

I imagine most of my readers are parents. You have watched your children fall asleep peacefully in your arms, at your breast, in their swaddles, breathing them in, cherishing their every coo.

This baby doesn't have that. They are carried face out like animals. They are often fed by propped bottles with cut nipples which can lead to aspiration and worse.

Uncherished. Unloved. No mommy to watch them fall asleep. No mommy's milk or skin to skin contact to comfort them.

Instead, an orphanage with too many lonely faces deprived of the thing we all need most. A family.

Truman isn't the only baby listed, either....

This is baby Basil. St. Basil, pray for these children! (He has a family!)
Baby Andrea. (She has a family!)
Sweet Maureen

Adorable Darah. (She has a family!)

These children are just from one country. The ones fortunate enough to be listed on Reece's Rainbow so they can be seen.


Can't adopt? Donate!

Can't donate? Share!!

And most of all, PRAY!

I'm honestly tired of the excuses. These sweethearts do not have time for your excuses. Ask me how you can help!!


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