Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Year Ago Today - Part 3 - METCHA!!!

Oh my. This year flew by. I will try not to be overly sappy, but I have been teary all day. So much has changed in a year. Our boy has grown in so many ways. He is the sweetest little guy.

Happy metcha day, Maks. We love you soooo much! I'm so glad I'm your momma!

I will post my post from a year ago in our travel group and some pictures.

"I'm so sorry you all. That'll teach me to give a time while we're in Ukraine. Things are unpredictable here.

It's 9:35 pm and we just now got wifi in our new apartment.

Ok, from the beginning, the driver was about 45 mins late, so we didn't get to the orphanage until way after 10.

They took us in and we waited around a bit. I was surprised by how nice the orphanage was. I was already choking back tears, it was surreal to be there.

Waiting to meet his big brother

They took us in to talk to some people, they said they admire us for taking a baby so far and for taking on Maksim too. They were all so sweet.

They took us into the music room and we sat down, someone came in to talk about his history. His birth mom is younger than me, but the father is older. They have one other child, a little girl, and they came to visit him one time, just this year in April.

Then the orphanage doctor came in and told us about all of his medical stuff. He has speech therapy and other therapies and responds very well. He's very smart, and can match flash cards to the correct pictures when asked, they said. He began trying to walk on his own, using a chair. He is affectionate and not aggressive at all. He had heart surgery last year and his heart is completely fine now. He started gaining weight after that.

Then they brought him in. Oh my, he is HUGE! This is a good thing, but his belly is adorable and made us laugh. He absolutely loves Kyle. He was kissing him and laughing. It was so so cute.

"I've been waiting my whole life for you to get here."
"I like daddy better."

He wanted to dig in my purse and would pull something out and show us, like "see?" It was so cute. He found the phone the team gave us so they can contact us and he knew exactly how to use it, you'll see in the pics.

But then he saw our notebook and pen and wanted to look and that and draw! He is amazing. He sat with me and we pretended to talk on the phone and then drew, and then the doctor came and he showed off his walking skills. Precious.

We took him back to his groupa after a while because it was time for lunch. We're smitten, you guys. They asked us if we liked him and if we still wanted to adopt him. Yes! We do!

We spent the rest of the day running around trying to find a notary that was working and tracking down a gov worker to leave our paper work with. It was fun, actually.

Our new apartment has 2 rooms, but it's on the 5th floor, no elevator. I'm gonna be so thin after this trip, haha... (2014 comment - I wish that were the case!!!)

I am going to have to send home as much as possible with Kyle, and buy a stroller, because he is so big, I'm not sure I will be able to carry him on my back very much. I also don't think most of the clothes I brought will fit."


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