Friday, April 3, 2015

7 Quick Takes


So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to start. I'll go in order, I guess.


Saturday Amelia and I picked up a huge load of clothes (Thank you!!) and then stopped for a quick lunch. We were near a dealership that I knew had some vans, so we stopped by. They were not very friendly or professional so I left and when Kyle looked them up on the BBB, they had very bad ratings, so we didn't bother trying to go back. Kyle then did a quick Google search and found a rinky dinky dealership that happened to have a Chevy Express in pretty good shape and in our price range! I don't know how it happened, but we drove home with the van that night! We traded in our Suburban and we are feeling very blessed. Thank you, Lord, for providing! It is not as hard to drive as I thought, but the climbing in and out of it has been something to get used to! It's ok, though, I could use the exercise.


The rest of our dossier paperwork came Friday and Saturday, so Monday I dropped the kids off at a friend's house, headed to the dealership to get a few things worked on, and then down to the Secretary of State's office to get the apostilles we needed. This took FAR longer than I thought it would, and I was EXHAUSTED after that day of running around! 


Tuesday I dropped off the dossier at the FedEx store. It will be travelling with a family this weekend and will be submitted April 16th if all goes well. 


And now is the point in the process where we wait. And go crazy. And wait some more. This happened last time. I feel like I am in the eye of the storm. Done with the dossier but now waiting for something else. It's scary and thrilling. 


Today the Catholic and Reece's Rainbow communities lost an amazing warrior, Elizabeth DeHority. Her fight with cancer and the advocating for orphans that she did inspired so many. RIP, Elizabeth. We will all miss you, but we know you can do far more from heaven than you could ever do here.


We are still collecting clothes, with our big turn in on April 11th. We don't have much going on online right now, because the local events are pretty time consuming, but I do need to put out a call for help here. I NEED at least 5 more people to come to the Warrior Dash on April 11th to help collect clothes. This is going to be huge for us and they need us to have 10 people total. If you are available, PLEASE, let me know. I'm getting desperate. 

We are selling tshirts online, I forgot about those :) Lots of sizes. Toddler, baby onesies, child, adult, women's cuts, and lots of colors. 


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