Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Prayer Requests

Hello friends!

Here is a quick recap of last week's requests:

  • That my big girls' passports come in the mail quickly. I didn't have the money to expedite them, so we are at the mercy of the normal process. - They are not here yet, of course, but keep praying please.
  • Continue to pray for Truman's safety and that he is being well cared for. - Please continue to pray.
  • Please pray for no snags or delays in our process. - Please continue to pray.
  • Please pray that Truman's paperwork is in order for his adoption - Please continue to pray.
  • Please pray that our trip is safe and smooth and quick! - Please continue to pray.

  • This week's requests:

    1. Our dossier will be submitted this Thursday. Please pray this goes well.
    2. This may sound strange, but please pray that we don't get too early of a travel date. As much as I want to meet my sweet boy, the timing needs to work right for a multitude of reasons. God knows how it will work out, so I have faith. But it does make me anxious.
    3. Please pray that the shoe and clothing drive we did brings in a large amount of money. I am weary from all the fundraising, and I need this to go well. We should have our total this week.
    4. Please pray that our large fundraiser for Truman on April 25th is a smashing success and lots of fun. 
    5. Unrelated to the adoption process, but please pray for our oldest daughter Amelia. She has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, so she is very cranky most of the time because she isn't getting enough rest. I will be taking her to the doctor soon to see what we can do about helping her.
    6. We need about $7500 more before we can say we are fully funded, so please pray for the remainder of the money needed to come in. 
    Thank you for praying! How can we pray for you? If you don't want your comment public, let me know, my comments are moderated. 




    1. Ask your daughter's doc about drinking cherry juice before bed to help aid sleep. There's been random double-blind tests run to measure the benefits. I've never tried it but have heard it suggested. Curious what you may find out.

      All the best.

      1. Mmmmm, cherry juice. :) I will try that.

    2. Can you share what your doc says about Amelia's sleeping? We're struggling with a similar thing here, and I haven't gotten in to our doc yet. I'm wondering if Joseph's internal clock is starting to shift into "teenager" mode, along with his hormones, but I don't know. He's going to be 11 in August. I feel like he's still so little, but when I read up on sleeping issues in kids, it seems like the 10-12 age is when issues start to really appear. He's always had a hard time going to sleep, but it's gotten drastically worse and he is also showing some sleep deprived attitude changes that we don't like.

      1. Yes, I will let you know for sure! This is definitely THE AGE it all starts, but she's been having trouble for a long time too. Sleep is so important during these upcoming years and I just don't want it to spiral out of control!

    3. Happy for your progress and answered prayers...Continued prayers for all of you this week!


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