Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. This week has been incredibly hot. We've been around 116º. It wouldn't be anything much different but the AC in my car doesn't work 60% of the time, especially while idling, which it does a lot of when we're waiting to pick up Amelia. Sigh.

2. This weekend is Charlotte's baptism! So excited!! My friends from NM will be here for the weekend.

3. Speaking of my friends from NM, it's her birthday today. They're flying in and we're going out  to dinner with only 2 babies! Between our two families, we have 11 kids, so that's quite the accomplishment. lol. Tomorrow we're going to IKEA and then Amy and I will have a girl's night out! We're going to have dinner and see The Help at iPic!

4. Pinterest has me totally addicted. As if I needed another website to be addicted to. But I love being able to create parties, have a visual wishlist, watch my friends plan weddings, and keep recipes there. I collect lots of great ideas and then put them to use in every day life. I really love it. It goes well with my Evernote addiction, which is where I keep all of my recipes. 

5. Being a convert stinks sometimes. Not only is it extremely difficult to find Catholic godparents for my kids, but there is very little support with things like baptisms. It's frustrating. I had a reception planned for after Charlotte's baptism, but I'm not sure I'll even bother, since there will be like 5 people there...

6. OH! This Quick Takes is all over the place. Speaking of Pinterest, I would love opinions on my "Fashion" board. I am trying to figure out what style I like, and I need some pointers. I will not be able to afford much that I have pinned, but I'm just trying to get an idea so I can get out of my slump. My clothes don't fit right, they're torn, have holes, are stained, etc. 

7. 7 never seems like a lot of things to write, but it is. I'm stumped, lol. I need to go clean my house. Have a nice weekend!


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