Thursday, September 1, 2011

"It's a dry heat."

This is going to be a cranky post, so bear with me.

"Summer" in the Phoenix metro area starts in May (sometimes earlier.) We easily hit 100º and stay there... for the most part... until November. 6 months out of the year, we live in an oven. The temperatures at the beginning and end of our summer will be, maybe 75º at night, but in the dead of summer it's easily 95º+ in the middle of the night.

So, I constantly hear, "Oh, but it's a dry heat!! I'd take that over our humidity any day!!"

Uh, I'm sorry, but I would take your few weeks of humidity and "hot" temperatures over living in an oven 6 months a year. No reprieve, no cool nights, no shade, no nice breeze. Then maybe *I* could complain that 75º is hot.

I know what you're wondering. "Why don't you just move?" I would. Really. But I haven't found a place I like that isn't swarming with liberals, has a corrupt diocese, or isn't a pit. Plus, I know this area, and as much as I hate the weather, I do like the amenities. I can be picky about doctors, dentists, and schools. I can shop at pretty much any store I can imagine.

So, I don't know. I know I won't stay here forever. But for now I have to.



  1. Well, I lived in North Dakota/Minnesota for 27 years, and I much prefer AZ. Yeah, it cooled down at nights in the summer, but you couldn't enjoy it because you were plagued by mosquitoes. And then once summer was over -- and believe me, the temp usually starts dropping at Labor Day -- the winter arrived where it could and would get to -40 F in January (that was the temperature the day Elanor was born). Plus snow, ice, blizzards etc.

    The heat here is oppressive but it doesn't last nearly as long as ND winters... and you don't have to shovel hot off your driveway or scrape it off your car windows, or worry about driving on glare ice!

    So, I absolutely love it here, and I love the fact that it's usually in the 80s or 90s on my birthday in November (as opposed to 30 degrees F). :)

    But if you're a fan of cold winters, the diocese of Fargo is has an AMAZING bishop... and ND isn't exactly swarming with liberals, nor is it (in my opinion) a pit. Just FYI! :D

  2. Yayyy Fargo! I'm lived there till I married at 26, and my "little" bro and his family are starting RCIA this month at the cathedral! I wouldn't mind moving back there just because of family; but at the same time, there is the fact that my husband L.O.V.E.S. the heat. I think it's a little psychotic, but he does. He does his exercise in the heat of the day all summer long. I basically hibernate all summer long and wait for the 4 comfortable months of winter, so I empathize with the rant. This has been a particularly horrid hot end of summer, though... it hasn't always been this bad, this late! I never dreamed I would become acclimated enough to look forward to a return to the high 90s, but after living here for nearly 14 years, the desert has definitely changed my perspective on "hot"!

  3. Lol I hear ya on that but I was thinking a more
    mild climate with a lot of rain and little snow would suit me best. That is one good thing about the dry summers is the lack of bugs. I'd be happy in a climate like Washington but then we have the lib problem. I know that sounds bad but I need to be in an area that is politically on par with me. I lived in Flagstaff for a while and love their weather but I can't stand the traffic and people there. I am so mean today but this heat it killing me and I'm sick of ppl acting like it's some kind of awesome climate that we should all wish for lol.

    My mom loves the heat too. I'll never understand it!

  4. Annette - I was raised in Hillsboro, and my husband and I lived in Fargo from 2003-2008. :) We lived within walking distance of the cathedral, and my sister was married there! Fr. Wilhelm baptized our son.

    I know what you mean about wanting to live in a part of the country that doesn't have a "lib problem." Collin and I have mutually agreed that we'd spork our own eyes out before moving to, say, certain parts of California (where his employer is based).

  5. Haha, sporks!!! My husband keeps telling random people, "I want to move to Flagstaff, but Kara says there are too many libs there." Or, "I'd like to live in Washington, but Kara can't live with liberals." He puts all the blame on me, when in all reality, he wouldn't do well there either. But I finally told him to stop saying that because he kept telling LIBERALS that without realizing it lol.

  6. LOL, I still think you should move here... (You know where, yeah, you do.)

  7. I'd like to Phronsie. But I wouldn't do well in a small town and I'd have a ot of clothes to buy, lol.


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