Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Husband

Is shocking me the past few months. Here's a list of things he has done lately that I truly can't believe and am thanking God for!!!

1. He joined the RCIA. All of my readers (all 5 of you, haha) know this but it's the beginning. After years of prayer my husband joining the program was nothing short of a miracle.

2. He started listening to Christian radio! I know some people don't like it, but I love Air1, and I listen to it in the car because I realized that the stuff I was listening before kids had a lot of questionable content. I guess it rubbed off on Kyle! Now to get him to listen to Catholic talk radio ;)

3. He not only is listening to Air1, he's downloading songs that he likes! I asked him how some songs got on a super old iPhone we had lying around and he was like, "from the Internet." um, ok. Lol.

4. When I mentioned that although they hadn't talked about it in his classes yet, he should start thinking of a confirmation saint he replied with, "oh, I think I should have the same one as my grandpa. His was St. Christopher and it suits me too since I'm always driving around at my job."

Me: :-O

5. He found my crucifix that my sponsor had gotten me in Jerusalem and he is keeping it in his work badge!

Prayers work, people. I had put a scapular in his wallet years ago and have been praying non stop. He has also had the prayers of other faithful Catholics (and non-catholics too) and look what is happening! I am so grateful I didn't give up on him when things were horrible. He's truly changing, through the power of the holy spirit. And I'm so proud of him.



  1. YAY Kyle! So happy for you all!! :)

  2. Congrats!

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  3. Just a quick comment to say that is great news.
    I hope that everything goes smoothly.

    I will be praying for him


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