Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trying to stay out of political mode

I love politics. I know most people hate it, but I don't. I love the arguing, I love the unpredictability, and I love backing someone whole heartedly.

That said, once I go into political mode during elections, I do not come out. I go insane. I join debates, over research every candidate, go to rallies, etc.

But this election I'm trying as hard as I can to resist until closer to the primaries. I have my leanings, but I want to see 2-3 more people drop out before I start to back someone. (Bachmann, Paul, Perry, looking at you to drop out, kthx).

But, an interesting bit of info here; if the election were based on Facebook "likes," Romney would win. He has 1.2 million "likes" compared to Paul with 630,000, Bachmann with 459,000, Newt with 211,000, Perry with 175,00, and Santorum with 35,000.

But, a lot of the older generations don't use Facebook, and a lot of people who will vote don't exactly think of "liking" their favorite candidate. So, is it prophetic? Probably not. I just found it interesting.

By the way, I "like" Santorum and Newt. But I'm still whining that Palin isn't running. There I admit it. :p

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