Monday, January 9, 2012

Counter-Protests are Interesting

JoAnna did a great job of summing up the day here, but here's my take on it.

JoAnna is awesome. The AZRTL told us to try not to engage, but then they led us straight through the middle of the Planned Parenthood supporters. I tuned everyone out, I wasn't about to fight when I had Lily there watching, and when I tried to pass through the crowd, some of them wouldn't move. I said, "excuse me please, excuse me...." 10 times, got through, but accidentally ran over an old lady's foot with my stroller. Whatever, I apologized, but she should've moved. JoAnna was in the thick of it on the third time through, and I commend her. I think she did an awesome job. I'm not quick witted and I just want to smack those people.

It's amazing to me the contrast of the two movements. On our side, young women, some men, and kids. We're joyful, we pray, we smile. Their side is full of yelling, hate, and outright disrespect, (and old people).

So, let's apply that to the issue at hand. They're standing up in support of DEATH. We are standing up in support of LIFE. Is it any wonder they are full of hate and we are full of joy?

It was an interesting experience. I've been to many rallies, but never a counter-protest. It was fun.

The Tea Party was also there, in support of Sheriff Joe, and I invited them to the pro-life rally and march in two weeks. Take some time, and come out and march, too!

This was at the end of the Rally. Picture curtesy of AZRTL's FB page. JoAnna and I are in the front with the kiddos. :)



  1. hey, you did great, too! Your kids were so adorable the whole time!

  2. Your side is full of life too! ;) I'm like you....I would want to fight and I'm not quick witted at all! I would have stood by JoAnna and been like take that!! BRING IT BRO! LOL

  3. I wish I had been there! You ladies are awesome!!

  4. LOL

    It was fun! Wish you were there too. Are you going to the March on the 22nd?

  5. JoAnna, my kids were saving it for lunch. They at least had a lot of interesting ppl to watch at the rally, lol. They're good little spokes models for life.

  6. My poor, poor kids, I mean, being looked upon with pity by the pro-aborts.


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