Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've Resisted Long Enough - Politics!

Well, after last night's super exciting Iowa Caucuses, I'm officially in political mode. After I flooded Facebook with my ramblings watching the results come in, Santorum and Romney switching back and forth between 1st and 2nd place for 5 hours, I gave up and went to bed. Santorum was in the lead. When I woke up, Romney had won by 8... EIGHT votes! Who needs sports? Not this girl.

So, by popular demand (just kidding), here is my rundown of the top 4 (in Iowa) candidates.

My official endorsement:

Rick Santorum
His Facebook Page
The Issues
His Voting Record*
Other Info

Why I support him:
First of all he's pro-life. You can call me a one-issue voter all you want, but I will never, ever vote for a person that is not pro-life. He is not just pro-life in his voting record, he lives it. His daughter has Trisomy 18 (a condition which can be diagnosed in utero and the majority of babies diagnosed with it are aborted), and they held a funeral for their baby boy who was born prematurely and died after only 2 hours of life.

Second, he's Catholic. Not Cafeteria Catholic. Truly Catholic... I'm tired of the pseudo-Catholics in office pretending like they're true to the teachings of the Church and they're not. It's frustrating. I love that Santorum is un-apologetic about his beliefs. Yes, he'll likely be painted as an extremist. But I'm hoping that his campaign will be able to overcome that. And despite what some disgusting people did to him on Google, he is gaining popularity. (Bad publicity is still publicity, right?)

Lastly, he seems to truly care about poor people, fixing the economy, and homeland security.

I heard he raised $1 million today in campaign contributions. Iowa really helped him.

My 2nd choice:

Newt Gingrich
His Facebook Page
The Issues
His Voting Record*

Yes, he has been a politician forever. Yes, he has faced his share of scandal. But, no one can deny that this guy is smart. He knows his history, he has the experience, he's strong on defense, and he's a Catholic convert. I like to believe he in genuine on the issues when it comes to faith and his closer relationship with Christ. He claims to have reconciled with God and I hope that's true. He's pro-life. He is an excellent debater, which would be awesome against Obama, in my opinion.

More Newt links:
Nine Days that Changed the World
Divorce Myth
The Ethics Violation Fiasco

The others:

Mitt Romney
His Facebook Page
The Issues
His Voting Record*

I'm sorry, I don't have much to say that's nice about this one. I find him arrogant and I think he's a liar. I can't seem to find any pro-life information on his campaign site, even though he claims to be pro-life now (he didn't used to be). I think he changes his views on things in order to benefit him in elections. Yes, people have changes of heart, but this guy is really inconsistant.

But, if he ends up being the nomination, I will vote for him, because, let's be honest, a bag of rocks is better than Obama. And, we all know Obama won't change his views on abortion and other such things, so I'll just have to suck it up and hope that Romney isn't lying.

And come on... we lost in 2008 because we ran a moderate against Obama. NO MORE!

Okay, and apologize for this liberal link I'm about to post, but it was the best one I could find:

Flip Flop?

Ron Paul
His Facebook Page
The Issues
His Voting Record*
Other Info

This is a hard one. I agree with him in many areas. But, I think he's a lunatic. The fact that he wants to leave abortion laws up to the states is WRONG. Rape, murder, slavery, and other crimes against humanity are federal offenses. Abortion needs to be too. Human rights need to be protected. From conception to natural death. I don't see how that could happen in America if we leave it up to the states.

Also, he wants to remain neutral on things he doesn't think have anything to do with the United States. Like Iran. Really? Terrorists with nukes? No problem, right?

I am sad that even if he doesn't get the nomination, that so many people will still support him. I don't understand why they would want to support Obama by voting for a person that isn't the nominee. Do I think our system is flawed? Yes, but voting off the ballot is helping the WORST person win, it's not helping your cause, it's not helping improve anything. I do understand doing things out of principle, but a vote for a non-candidate, is a vote for the bad guy. Work on getting some election reform done, instead of throwing away elections every 4 years. PLEASE!

And that's my take on that. If he does get the nomination, I will still vote for him, of course. But I won't like it ;)

Thank you for reading my opinions. I love politics. Sorry I don't have time or energy to post about all of the candidates. I'd love if readers added links to articles about each candidate, so that anyone else reading has lots of places to click for research. Or little quips and facts about them with citation. But, I'd rather not debate. Information is all I want. Research them all, make a smart choice.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the New Hampshire debates are this weekend! Tune in, January 7th, 9 PM EST on ABC.


*I did not research this voting record site fully. If it is slanted in any way, let me know. I am hoping it is just a factual site.


  1. I think you summed it up really well! That's pretty much the order I'd like it to go in... I hope South Carolina is a pleasant surprise and not another Romney win!

  2. Me too! I've heard that Santorum stands a pretty good chance in SC, and he's been campaigning there. I'm glad he was smart enough not to waste him time in NH much, because it was truly predictable that they'd vote for the most liberal candidate.


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