Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Sense of Humor

So, after a direct attack on my religious freedom by the Obama administration, a week of trying to explain to people that this is not a birth control issue, it's a freedom issue. A week of pure vile crap being thrown at me by the left when all I've said is, "thank you for defunding Planned Parenthood..." A week of watching pro-abortion zealots spazz out like children and refuse to understand any logic. I am a little punchy.

I have very little patience for debating anymore. Especially online. I burnt myself out in 2008 when I belonged to a "debate" board on and it was nothing but clear cliquey and bullying behavior, even though they'd never admit it. So, when I encounter THIS many ridiculous people within a short time frame, it gets a little hard for me to deal with.

And if I go on a friend's post, and post a little joke like, "Bring on the waaaaambulance," and then proceed to be called un-Christian for making fun of someone's beliefs, when really, what I was thinking was more along the lines of, "Bring on the anti-Catholic pro-aborts who have spent the past day acting like they're going to die because Susan G Komen took away funding from Planned Parenthood, their favorite thing EVER. Who act like abortion is awesome. Who act like PP is the PLACE to go for help, and no other place exists in the US. Who act like WE are the ones denying the truth when THEY are the ones who are completely uneducated or misinformed. Whose disgusting behavior makes me want to poke my eyes out and never use the computer again. Where the blatant obvious influence of Satan is quite evident. Who act like THEY are not the bullies, yet they decide to hack into Komen's website and flood their email and FB page with hate mail. Who call us filthy names, spew nonsense about their 'rights' and everything else," I'd like to think I WAS being Christian. I was venting. I was teasing. I was making a joke, yes, but seriously? When I could've said far worse, gone into detail, ran my mouth, and freaked out and called names, because that is most certainly what I felt like doing after the BS the left has put me through the past week, but I DIDN'T, I made an innocent jab.

Give.Me.A.Break. Christians are allowed to have a sense of humor sometimes. If anything, it keeps me from going completely insane or having a heart attack from high blood pressure. So until THEY can start acting like adults and having a civilized conversation without spewing hateful insults, then I'm not gonna worry about keeping an innocent little joke to myself.

Don't like it? I couldn't care less.


PS. I know my grammar is horrible in this post. Also don't care right now. Flustered doesn't even begin to describe my current state of mind.


"If you can't say somethin' nice... don't say nothin' at all..." ~Thumper