Thursday, August 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

A sweet internet friend of mine gave birth to a little boy with anencephaly and he is now with Jesus. We are thanking God he was born alive and that they were able to spend time with him before he passed. Please lift them all up in prayer. Here is her blog, which isn't updated, but so that you can see the love this family has for their sweet boy. Loving Peter

A sunflower from our garden in honor of Peter.

--- 2 ---

Heidi and I spent most of today preparing for our yard sale this weekend. We actually got it all together pretty quickly, and I'm hoping it is a smashing success. We are also doing a fundraiser for her adoption and for Nico's grant, so we're really hoping for a lot of traffic.

--- 3 ---

My big girls have been out of town since Monday and I miss them! My eldest starts school Monday and my 2nd starts pre-K Sept 4th! I haven't adjusted to the 2-in-school thing yet. My babies are growing up!!

--- 4 ---

So, my husband is horrible at communication (what man isn't, I guess) and didn't tell me we only had $4 in our bank account. I went to the store this morning and low and behold, the card was declined. I couldn't figure it out, since I thought there was plenty in there. While I was trying to figure it out, a nice man behind me offered to pay for it. "I will pay for the rest." He said, and then something else about karma. He would accept no thanks, and I was just awestruck. God is really taking care of me lately. Thank you, kind man, for doing something so wonderful. (I'm glad I wasn't buying anything silly or unneeded!)

--- 5 ---

This is Flagstaff.. Right now...

Makes me wish I still lived there. 

--- 6 ---

This is me in a nutshell.

--- 7 ---

This sweetie has been on my blog before. I just love her. She has a HUGE HUGE HUGE grant, and this week I was checking her country's photo listing and saw that she had a new pic!!!
Look at this sweetheart!! She has a $24,000+ grant to go towards her adoption. I see absolutely no reason why someone would not want to rescue her. Are you her mommy???


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  1. I like that our bank has an iPhone app that will send alerts when our balance goes below a certain number. We had Chase & now have State Farm, and they both have an app.

    I hope your sale is successful!

  2. Our bank's mobile and web stuff never works right, so I don't trust it. We're switching banks soon. Ours has messed up on us too much lately. This wasn't the bank's fault, for once.

  3. How wonderful what that man did for you!! And, I am number 6, too. Megan is GORGEOUS! Time for someone to go get her with all that money already raised!

  4. Megan pulls at me, too. UGH I hate her country and our inability to go there right now!

  5. If you ended up being Megan's momma I'd dance in the streets!!

  6. Heidi, I too, would dance in the streets!
    Kara, it is clear that God is really watching over you and your family! cream....I had to settle for a cookie. .. haha

  7. #6 drew me in--5 years into parenting a child with Downs, I'm a real sucker. :) I will be praying!

  8. Isn't she beautiful, Kathleen? I hope she finds her momma soon! :)


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