Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday!

--- 1 ---

Adoption might be the WORST thing to go through if you are someone without much patience. I am a person that enjoys logic. There is very little that is logical about this process.

  • Get fingerprinted 3 times each.
  • Search for a month for a doctor who will sign a paper in blue ink only.
  • Change your passport because *gasp* it has a space in your last name that shouldn't be there! The  HORROR!!!
  • Spend over $100 on fancy stickers that proves your notary is legit.
  • Get FBI clearances because the first FBI clearances you received from your state weren't good enough for the country you are adopting from.
  • Spend weeks in a foreign country.

--- 2 ---

Yes, it's worth it. But it's like pregnancy and childbirth, it pretty much sucks until you have the sweetie in your arms.

--- 3 ---

Um. This Quick Take was dedicated to our giveaway, but, guess what??? It will be replaced with some screaming in joy, because we are fully funded!! As soon as our FSP reflects the money, we will draw winners!

I can not express what a huge deal this is. What a huge weight off our shoulders. I can't stop crying and I'm so grateful. AGH!! Thank you all so much.

--- 4 ---

Our 2nd daughter had her last day of preschool this week. Yes, I got teary-eyed. Milestones kill me. I am so proud of my girls, and seeing them grow bigger is so amazing, yet heartbreaking at the same time!

Lily and her amazing teacher! 
--- 5 ---

I am in total burn out mode as far as meals go. I'm hoping the adoption trip will kind of reset it all for me, because man, I am tired of cooking and planning meals.

--- 6 ---
In case you missed our news!

The Lord is blessing us with TWO little boys this year! I am 20 weeks pregnant! :)

--- 7 ---

We are also still collecting money for diapers for "Colton's" orphanage! That button is on the side bar!

Thank you all for your support thus far. It's been so amazing to see and experience this whole process, crazy as it is.

Happy weekend!!

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