Sunday, June 15, 2014

Charlotte's Birthday and Maks' Surgery!

Last weekend, our littlest girl turned 3 years old. We kept it low key, and mommy and Sam took her to Build-a-Bear and she got a Twilight Sparkle. It was so fun, and she had a blast. Then we had a small party with cake and ice cream.

Here's what I wrote about her on her birthday:

Oh Charlotte, after 3 super calm and quiet babies, you rocked our world with your crazy screaming. Not much has changed since then, but you're momma's girl. Spunky, sweet, hilarious, witty, sassy, and loving. We love you so much, and I really am shocked that these years fly by so quickly. Happy 3rd birthday, Charlotte, hope you have an awesome day!

The next day, I took Samuel to urgent care and he had a double ear infection. 

Monday was Maks' surgery to take out his tonsils and adenoids. He handled it beautifully, and is, so far, recovering easily. I was so nervous, and I made the mistake of taking Samuel with no help, and that was not pretty because he wasn't feeling well due to his ear infections. Sigh. But we made it through.

Cutest Ukrainian EVER. 

This week has been a rough week on mommy. Waking up every 4 hours for meds for Maks and then Samuel waking up in between that has made it pretty hard for me to be cheery during the day. Coffee isn't even touching this degree of tiredness. 

We have been looking at passenger vans and can't seem to find a good one, which is a bummer. I actually love our Suburban, but it is not working for us. The kids fight like cats and dogs, and I need them to be separated. 

Thank you for all the prayers for Maks. I truly believe that the prayers are what get us through these times.  


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