Thursday, March 26, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


Well, this week was an emotional week! Every small goal I made was blown away after two large donations. It is so amazing to see these funds come in for our baby. I've seen it happen before, but it never ceases to amaze me. 


We have a wonderful event coming up on April 25th, a Family Night for Truman! We are going to have a bounce house, magician, food, drink, silent auctions, and a raffle, plus SO much more! If you are local, please email me and I'll send you an invitation!


We are still waiting on 2 pieces of mail to come. Luckily, the delay in paperwork doesn't mean too much, other than being annoying, since the government of Truman's country is shutting down for 2 weeks and not accepting dossiers, but COME ON!! I want to finish my dossier so bad! The plan is to send it over during the break and as soon as they reopen, it will be ready to be submitted April 16th. 


We are also having a carwash on April 18th, and our BIG event to turn in the clothes is April 11th! PHEW!!


Since I do also still have a family outside of fundraising and paperwork, Easter is coming and throw a birthday party for Maks (who will be 5!) and Lily (who will be 7!!) into our already busy April and THEN our biggest girl Amelia has her first communion and confirmation on May 2nd! PHEW!!! I am so excited for every single one of these events, but April is going to be a busy, busy month!!!


Maks broke our iPad yesterday. He has started the Gemiini program, and he is NOT a fan of being kid-locked into the program, apparently. He smashed the heck out of it and it is SO expensive to get fixed!! The thought of going to Eastern Europe without entertainment makes me shudder. So, I'm going to have to find a way to fix it. First world problems, I know.


For our big event, I am "selling" balloons. You donate $5 to our FSP and I will attach a picture and link address of the waiting child of your choice to one balloon. This will give the children without families some more exposure, to a community who doesn't usually see them. Let me know if you want to participate!!

A few of the kids to be featured already are:

Ezra-May-2013-2-300x225.jpg         Shaw-1-230x300.jpg

Kristoff-199x300.jpg                  Clover_pic_1-300x202.jpg

katerinasval-1-cropped.jpg                      41130120852-Joseph-226x300.jpg

Have a blessed weekend! This is my last free weekend before the crazy begins!


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